Things that every beginner writer on Medium has to know.

On August 26, I wrote an article stating how Zulie Rine inspired me to become a writer on Medium after I watched one of her YouTube Videos; where she revealed how she made over $30,000 by writing on the platform. Admittedly, this is the reason why I’m still writing even…

And it broke my spirit until this day.

There was once a comment directed to me, that said “ writing isn’t for you, find another hobby", and it broke my spirit until this day.

This took place on this platform about three weeks ago, and I’m still trying to get my writing flex back after another Mrs know-it-all-writer…

She left us in an endless grief— may God be her best guide, and may her soul forever rest in peace!

I’m not crying, nor sobbing for that matter. I mean, I’ve done both— crying and sobbing non-stop for the last eighteen full years, and now I’m trying to understand how the world can feel so disconnecting after a loss of a loved one, more especially, when that person is the…

That’s what matters for now, and in the future.

Just how much making money on Medium is worth your time?

I would say, big Time.

But how much Time do you spend working on your articles, scrutiny scrubbing your drafts and re-editing, and rewriting them?

Thirty to one hour a day, per a single story?

Mmmm! That’s quite a…

Because it doesn’t mean that when you write what you don’t know you can’t use what you know.

How many times have you heard this speech:

Write what you know?

Personaly, I would say more than the Coronavirus' precautionary steps:

Keep social distance, wash your hands with soap all the time and always wear a mask.

Oh, well. I know the drill man.

But what if I avoid…

And I’m a full writer now.

Truth be told. If it wasn’t for the pandemic outbreak I wouldn’t be here on this platform writing articles for a peanut paycheck months in and months out. In other words, all the sweet thanks to the pandemic. I don’t know where I would be at this moment and what…

Taking you, through my journey as a content writer on Medium, since 2020 after the COVID19 made global headlines.

I've been a member of Medium for a series of months — and I mean months that now equals a year.

Back when I started writing on this platform, I had no idea what I was doing or how to write stories that get a monument of traction in a…

I don’t know about you, but writing on this platform has become a boredom killer since the day my job went under the bridge.

Funny how life baths some of us with bitter lemonade juices 24/7 for damn 365days a year. Completely unfair and insane in every sense of the word, don’t you think? I mean, here I sit, a husband and a father who’s unemployed for over a year now. Chuckle! …

You just have to come up with some hacks to get 100+ followers without having to sweat more than you already had.

I’m writing this article to uncover a cloud that is surrounding new writers on this platform, those who have less than the required minimum followership by the Medium Team. I understand that the tone in that email was harsh, unfair, and confusing to many— especially when The Medium Heads said…

Elias Netshilavulu

There isn't much to tell. I'm a poet and a writer at Medium. Now, let's write, shall we?☕

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